Mainly Mozart

This site incorporates seat selection ticketing integrated with an established eCommerce system that provides facilities for donations, club memberships and other transactions through the site.  In addition, a “Person” database houses the photos and biographies of everyone involved with the organization for consistent deployment throughout the site.  A calendar system controls the display of events which tie to the ticketing system.

Built with components that all serve content in a mobile responsive environment, each patron has an account where their season subscriptions and other ticket purchases can be accessed.  The electronic tickets can be printed at home by the patron and the Box Office staff can use a Boca printer to create ticket packages, all coming out of the website system.  Each ticket carries a QR code which can be read by off-the-shelf mobile phone apps to quickly and accurately check patrons into a performance.

In addition, the ticketing system accommodates seat maps for each venue which can be re-used as well as general admission and separate zone pricing which can also be mixed in with seat selection.  Orders by phone from patrons and reserved seating can also be controlled from the the administrative Box Office functions.  Internally, the system uses a content tracking system to coordinate the efforts of staff in maintaining the deep and varied content of the site.