Physicians Toxicology Report

The reporting system runs on a five server system with full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA.)  The initial system runs on the Unix operating system as a file server.  The lab uploads the data resulting from the tests of the fluids sent to them by physicians.  A Windows database server retrieves that data and populates the database.  Another Windows server using authentication from a third server allows physicians and their staffs to use the report through a web browser. They can see the most recent reports they are cleared to see and they can search by patient name, date and test id for a particular report.   Once they select a name, a button click generates a multiple page report with all the findings including the trade names of the drugs prescribed by the doctor as well as those the tests revealed that were not expected. The physician can then generate a PDF document to print the report or save it for later reference.

The system deploys the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to transform the files into a database.  The SQL Server Reporting System (SSRS) generates the report for the database.  The search and presentation interface is written in the C# language using the Active Server Pages (ASP) .NET architecture.  HIPAA requirements are met through extensive logging and monitoring of the servers.

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